Vitamin For Hair Growth

Having less hair on head makes men go nuts, as they fear signs of balding. It is not easy for men to deal with thinning hair, hair fall and hair loss and hence they try different types of hair products or hair treatment to bring back their crown of glory. What men fail to understand is that going for hair growth treatments or using hair growth products does not always solve their problem. Studies have in fact shown that vitamins play a very important role in improving overall health, including helping you get rid of your hair issues and hence foods rich in vitamins should be consumed regularly.

Vitamin For Hair Growth is the basic and easiest way to revitalize and boost hair growth in a natural way. Apart from helping the body parts in different ways, consuming food rich in vitamins like A, B, C and E play an important role in building a conducive environment for hair growth by revitalizing damaged hair follicles and providing suitable nutrition to the scalp. All these vitamins basically block the production of DTH which is one of the main reasons for hair fall and hair loss in men. Thus all vitamins combine to fight hair fall and hair loss and promote hair growth.

Vitamin For Hair Growth

Vitamin A plays an important role in promoting good eyesight and boosting the immunity. Similarly its anti-oxidant properties help in maintaining the natural oils in the scalp thereby stimulating healthy growth of hair on the scalp. Vitamin A rich foods like green leafy vegetables, carrots, milk, cheese, etc. can be easily consumed for naturally boosting the growth of hair.  Just like Vitamin A, consuming food rich in Vitamin B is very useful in preventing hair loss. Vitamin B complex, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, all play an important role in improving blood circulation in the scalp which is vital for healthy and natural growth of hair. Foods like milk, eggs, fish, chicken and whole grains are rich in vitamin B.

Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons, potatoes, etc. are a good source of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in maintaining capillaries that supply blood to the follicles of hair. It aids hair growth by enhancing blood circulation to the scalp and hence is considered an essential vitamin for hair growth. Lack of vitamin E in the body causes hair fall and thinning of hair. Hence to avoid this process and increase the supply of oxygen and blood circulation in the scalp, eating foods rich in vitamin E is necessary. Green vegetables, nuts, etc. should be consumed regularly to help support the growth of healthy hair.

In short consuming natural foods that are rich in all of the above vitamins help in decreasing hair fall and hair loss, strengthens the follicles of hair and thereby promote the growth of hair on the scalp. Vitamin For Hair Growth in addition to consuming through natural food items can also be had in the form of supplements. Besides vitamins, amino acids, trace minerals and essential fatty acids, also immensely contribute towards the growth of healthy hair. Consuming vitamin rich food and foods containing these nutrients in small or big amounts will help prevent hair fall and boost hair growth naturally.


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